Green Rooms

Grand Hotel, 2019

The landscaping project articulates itself in a succession of green rooms. Between these: curtains of graminacea and wildflowers are a hymn to the biodiversity of our landscape. In the garden in the back, a vegetable garden is suggested through spheres purposefully made with vegetables along with a mirror of water featured by hundreds of floating lentils.
plant list:
molinia transparent
foeniculum vulgare
verbena bonariensis
gaura lindheimeri
perovskia atriplicifolia
salvia uliginosa
panicum virgatum
arundo donax
meli a spalliera
sfere con cynara scolymus e tropaeolum majus
sorbus aucuparia
amelanchier canadensis
angelica arcangelica
begonia evansiana
felci in varietà
phyllostachys nigra
lemna minor