Windmill Garden

“Moulin des ribes”, 2018

The landscape architecture project rotates around an antique restructured mill from a countryside dwelling. The water is a vital protagonist in the scene; a long torrent runs characteristically along the canals in stone with playful waterfalls and still baths of water with inviting lotus flowers. The green scenery alternates with mediterranean shrubs, parterres of hydrangeas and rooms of perennial graminacea. The project is a work in progress, with the prospects of working with blooming fields and a small lake.
plant list:
pinus halepensis
quercus ilex
cercis siliquastrum
hydrangea annabelle
hydrangea quercifolia
anemone japonica honorine jobert
begonia evansiana
gunnera manicata
salvia indigo spires
salvia nemorosa
foeniculum vulgare purpureum
daucas carota
aster ericoides ‘monte cassino’
molinia caerulea ‘transparent’
altea cannabina
verbena bonariensis
miscantus ‘morning light’
salix rosmarinifolia
sambucus ‘black lace’
cotinus coggyria
angelica arangelica
osmunda regalis