Garden by the sea
S. Margherita Ligure, 2011

A garden protected by ancient houses belonging to a seafaring suburb, with a beautiful view on the Mount and the Gulf. With the company of palm trees and banana trees, the climate favors the ferns and helps them become big and tree-like.
plant list:
cyathea cooperi
cycas revoluta
musa ensete
cocculus laurifolius
myrtus tarentina
pittosporum tobira
pistacia lentiscus
hydrangea arborescens ‘anabelle’
perovskia atriplicifolia
verbena bonariensis
gaura lindheimeri ‘candida’
rosa iceberg
polystichum setiferum
dryopteris erythrosora
erigeron karviskianus
solanum jasminoides
rhyncospermum jasminoides
muelembeckia complexa
ficus repens