Engadine Garden
Schanf, 2013

In this garden the meter of snow brought by the snowfall during the winter commands. Swiss stone pines and mountain ash define the skeleton of the scene. With the arrival of spring, one can find a triumph of blooming flowers alongside the various shades of blue.
plant list:
pinus cembra
pinus mugo
sorbus aucuparia
sambuco racemosa
salix helvetica
salix eleagnus angustifolia
rosa glauca
ribes rosso
rubus idaeus
syringa vulgaris
eryngium alpinum ‘blue star’
sanguisorba officinalis
delphinium ‘black knight’
lupinus polyphyllus
knautia macedonica
darmera peltata
angelica gigas
dianthus sanguineus
achillea millefolium