Marco Bay is a landscape architect who graduated from the Politecnico University of Milan in 1993, where he developed his final thesis focusing on Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe’s gardens. The success of his thesis granted him a publication titled “Geoffrey Jellicoe from art to gardens” on the “Verde Editoriale” (“Green Editorial”).


His professional experiences bloom from working with Nena Balsari.


In 1997 he started his own practice, focusing on projects tied to gardens and landscapes in Italy and Europe.


Marco developed a personal methodology based on the idea that every project starts from principles, such as architecture and a respect for history and the ecosystem of a site. He strives to reach an equilibrium of unique ideal experiences, and to never forget the importance of the future of upkeep and growth.


His work also focuses on rigorous and contemporary drawings that confer forms and spatiality. In such a way, he is able to emphasize the landscape by making it visible without abusing the natural essence of the specific site.


His constant search for beautiful plants that favor biodiversity is what makes him original.


His objects of architectural work vary from terraces to courtyards, patios to hanging gardens, parks to agricultural estates, and ports to highways. The traces he leaves behind depend on the dimensions of the site in focus.
He has held lectures and conferences at the Politecnico University of Milan, the Agrarian School of Monza, Florence University of the Arts, ISAD Design school of Milan, University of Pavia, The Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, Masters of Landscape Architecture and IUAV Venice.
Due to his expertise in urban green spaces he was part of the Building Commision for the municipality of Milan from 2005 to 2009. Also, in 1995, he became a member of Albo’s professional Architects of the Province of Milan, in 2001 he became member to the Italian Association of Landscape of Architecture, whilst also gaining a membership in the Horticultural Society of Lombardy.


Numerous are his collaborations and publications with sector-specific editorials.


For example, from 1998 and 2002 he worked as an editor for the monthly Green column in “Case da Abitare” (“Houses to inhabit”). From January 2014 he wrote for the column “Oltre la siepe” (“Over the hedge”) in VilleGiardini (“VillasGardens”). Also, in 2018, Marco published an essay for Mondadori, titled “Disegnare con gli alberi. Storie di giardini” (“Drawing with trees. Stories of gardens”).